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Inclusive Diversity & Equity

Bilingual employees empowering customers and each other

These Spanish-speaking Allstate employees use their bilingual skills to support customers and show that two languages are better than one when it comes to building communities and a sense of trust.

A photo collage of bilingual Allstate employee headshots.

These Allstate employees feel a sense of pride when they use their bilingual skills at the workplace, where they help customers and their communities.

October 7, 2022

Allstate employees who speak two languages often find themselves stepping in to help others. From assisting in translating customer stories to leading Spanish-speaking digital transformation initiatives, they're creating opportunities to build stronger connections and communities both in and out of the workplace.

Fatina Santiago, Claims

Fatina Santiago realized the power of being bilingual while working as a liability adjuster in her first year at Allstate.

She recalled a translator who was unfamiliar with insurance misinterpreting a Spanish-speaking customer's story. Santiago would identify these gaps and provide the translation in detail to make sure the customer got the right help.

Seven years later, Santiago is on temporary duty as a casualty claims manager and continues to help Spanish-speaking customers. As a first-generation Guatemalan American, it reminds her of when she translated for her parents as a child.

"I take so much pride in being able to speak with Spanish speakers in their native language," Santiago said, adding that she's happy to give them "comfort and reassurance that they are being heard and have a fair chance of representation in their claim."

Brenda Rodriguez-Howdershell, Litigation Services

Brenda Rodriguez-Howdershell didn't speak Spanish in her home growing up. Her mother was concerned about her ability to "blend in."

Rodriguez-Howdershell, who's of Puerto Rican heritage, picked up the language outside of her home, and has felt "100% accepted and seen" in her nearly 25 years with Allstate.

She said she loves being able to speak to clients in Spanish and support them and noted that bilingual employees can also create this inclusive environment for customers.

"The customer experience is critical for most consumers, and the ability to improve it by communicating directly with a customer or client in their language is priceless," she said. "That is what builds rapport, engagement and return customers."

Carmen López, Litigation Services

In her nearly 50 years with Allstate, Carmen López has used her bilingual skills to help customers and co-workers alike.

"I always like to greet people in the language they greet me," said López, who moved to the United States from Tecolotán, Mexico, in 1969.

When a client is having trouble, I say, 'I speak Spanish, if you'd like to speak Spanish with me,' and it's like another world opens to them. They always say, 'Muchas gracias, señora. Muchas gracias.'

Carmen López
Administrative Assistant, Litigation Services


Manny Rodríguez, Mobile app team

Being bilingual has been helpful both inside and outside the workplace for Manny Rodríguez, a first-generation Ecuadorian American.

"Speaking Spanish connects you to your culture and fosters empathy," he said.

At work, Rodríguez empowers other Latinx employees and allies as vice president of the Professional Latino Allstate Network employee resource group (PLAN). This employee resource group promotes diversity and inclusion at Allstate and beyond through development opportunities and community involvement.

Rodriguez is also leading the analysis that could translate the Allstate mobile app to Spanish. This includes making sure concepts are universal and accessible to English and Spanish-speaking markets. He said he's excited to work every day on building features that "better the experience for the consumer."

Allstate Employee Resource Groups

Diversity drives how we can create a more equitable society that everyone deserves. One way Allstate supports diversity is through Employee Resource Groups – empowering employees through open outlets to connect with colleagues.

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