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Our code

Global Code of Business Conduct

The Global Code of Business Conduct, referred to as our Code, declares who we are and what we stand for. It underscores our commitment to doing business not only legally but also ethically. This Code provides the framework for the decisions we make and the actions we take every day, around the globe. It's also a practical tool to help us understand what is expected of us, how we live Our Values and when we should seek help. We can't possibly anticipate all the scenarios and questions you might have as you live into Allstate's Values, so we encourage you to ask questions.

Our Code applies to all employees, leaders, officers, internal and external directors of Allstate. It's up to each and every one of us to use and follow it at all times. It contains references to relevant policies that should be adhered to. It also provides guidance on how we can help our customers, shareholders, communities and people prosper without compromising Our Values. This commitment to doing the right thing strengthens our business by making us more reliable, resilient and responsive to those we serve.

The Allstate family of companies

Allstate protects people from life's uncertainties with a wide array of protection for autos, homes, electronic devices and identity theft. Allstate is primarily engaged in the property and casualty insurance business in the United States and Canada. Additionally, Allstate provides customers other protection solutions such as life, accident and health insurance and protection plans that cover electronic devices and personal identities.

Allstate has been protecting people since 1931. We continuously develop and improve products and services to empower customers to live a life well protected. Our ability to serve customers and communities is stronger than ever. We've expanded to include more innovative products, services and subsidiaries.

Throughout the Code, "Allstate," the "Allstate family of companies" and "Company" are defined as The Allstate Corporation and its subsidiaries.

The Allstate Corporation is one of the largest publicly held personal lines insurers in the United States. Its business is conducted principally through Allstate Insurance Company and other subsidiaries.

Allstate Benefits provides accident, health and life insurance through employers and is one of the top voluntary benefits carriers.

Allstate Business Insurance serves the insurance needs of small business owners.

Allstate Canada Group supports its customers with Allstate products through its network of agencies and with brokers in five provinces across Canada (Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia).

Allstate Dealer Services offers finance and insurance products through independent agencies and brokers to auto dealerships countrywide.

Allstate Identity Protection provides identity protection services, including monitoring, alerts, remediation and a proprietary indicator of identity health.

Allstate India Private Limited provides software development, software testing, business process offshoring and management, technology support, analytics and other IT-enabled services to Allstate and its subsidiaries.

Allstate Northern Ireland provides core technology competencies, programming, operations support, cybersecurity, integration services and risk analytics to Allstate and its subsidiaries.

Allstate Protection Plans provides consumer protection plans throughout the world for mobile phones, consumer electronics, furniture and appliances, which provide customers protection from mechanical or electrical failure and, in certain cases, accidental damage from handling.

Allstate Roadside is a leading roadside assistance provider.

Answer Financial allows consumers to compare quotes and purchase coverage for auto, home and commercial small business insurance from over 40 top-rated carriers.

Arity is a mobility data and analytics company that provides data-driven solutions to companies invested in transportation. Customers turn to us to better understand and predict driving behavior at scale, enabling them to deliver smarter, safer, and more economical services to consumers.

Avail is a peer-to-peer car sharing platform that connects drivers and car owners, providing a protected car sharing experience conveniently located where people live, work and travel.

National General offers a variety of insurance products, including personal and small business automobile, homeowners, umbrella, recreational vehicle, motorcycle, lender-placed, supplemental health and other niche insurance products.

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Our global presence

Together, Our Shared Purpose and our Global Code of Business Conduct make us who we are now and into the future as one Allstate.

But no matter where we work or what we work on, we are all united by Our Shared Purpose. It embodies what we stand for as a company and guides how we interact with the world and each other.

Our Global Code of Business Conduct ensures we make choices consistent with Our Shared Purpose, providing a roadmap for making decisions as we do business wherever we are.

Adoption and disclosure of the Code

The Code provides ethical guidelines for conducting business on behalf of the Allstate family of companies. It applies to every employee and officer, as well as outside directors, of the Allstate family of companies. This Code was adopted by the Audit Committee of the board of directors of The Allstate Corporation. The Audit Committee is responsible for periodic review and assessment and approval of changes to the Code.

The Code cannot address every issue that may be encountered, so we must be familiar with its principles and use it to guide our judgment and inform our actions.


We recognize that in exceptional cases, a strict application of the Code may result in serious hardship. In these rare circumstances, except for employees of Allstate Canada Group, a waiver of the Code to mitigate hardship may be sought. Any waiver of the Code for the CEO, CFO, Controller or other senior financial or executive officers, or outside directors, must be approved by the Audit Committee. For all other employees, any waiver must be approved according to procedures adopted by the Audit Committee.

Additional information and relevant polices may be found under Resources.

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