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We are the Good Hands® people

We provide affordable, simple and connected protection that empowers customers to achieve their hopes and dreams.

We add economic value for shareholders, create opportunities for our teams and work with local and national partners to improve communities.

Our values

First and foremost: Integrity is non-negotiable.

We embrace our unique identities and provide equitable opportunity and rewards for all employees. Inclusive Diversity & Equity is woven into our business and culture.

Working as one Allstate, we prioritize collective success ahead of individual wins.

Our operating standards

We work hard to be the best at protecting customers, developing talent and running our business.

We focus on customers by anticipating their needs, exceeding expectations and keeping costs low.

We are bold in our thinking, original in our ideas and work with speed and determination to beat the competition.

We provide customer value, take smart risks and make data-driven decisions to strengthen our business.


Collaborating early and often helps us develop the best solutions and share what we've learned.

We challenge ideas to leverage employees' collective expertise. We evaluate every option so we can choose the best path forward.

We provide clarity for expected outcomes, decision authority and accountability.

At every level, we provide and seek feedback that is candid and actionable.

ECC Monitor: OK