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Allstate Protection Plans: Keep your must-have devices running smoothly

Considered innovative at the time, Allstate began selling auto insurance out of a Sears catalogue during the Great Depression. Today Allstate Protection Plans help customers keep their 21st-century devices working with the same level of customer service and expertise Allstate has been known for since the beginning.

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Allstate Protection Plans are made with the 21st-century customer in mind: saving time and money while adding longevity to their modern products.

March 6, 2023

Allstate's first customers could stop by a Sears store to buy insurance for their cars and homes, but were more likely to buy plastic slipcovers to protect their couches from spilled wine or a dog's muddy paws. Their rotary phones wouldn't fall victim to a cracked screen or theft.

Today, of course, that's changed.

To feel protected from the uncertainties of modern life, people need to know there's a plan if their possessions break or are stolen. It's meant a full circle evolution for Allstate, which now sells protection plans for everything from toasters to tables through partnerships with more than a dozen of today's retail giants.

"You don't want to live with plastic covers on your couch the way your grandparents did," said Jason Siciliano, vice president and creative director of Allstate Protection Plans.

Allstate Protection Plans covers more than 25 major product categories including electronics, appliances and furniture across big name retailers: The Home Depot, Walmart, Costco, Target, Nebraska Furniture Mart, Sam's Club, Wayfair, West Elm, Amazon, eBay, QVC, HSN, BrandSource, Menards, Office Depot, Newegg, Fitbit, American Home Shield and Big Lots.

"We are all about helping our retail and mobile carrier partners create more meaningful relationships with their customers through innovative, hassle-free service," Siciliano said. "We take best practices learned from working with many of the biggest retailers in North America and tailor that to create customized programs for each partner's unique customer base, associate teams, and selling environments."

Peace of mind for products you rely on most

With inflation and a potential recession top of mind, shoppers are allocating more of their budget to household essentials like food and energy – grocery prices have increased 11.3% and energy services 15.6% in a 12-month period (as of January 2023), according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

With less disposable income, customers have to be selective about what they buy – is it a quality product? Will it last?

That's where protection plans come in.

"Paying a small premium up front for a protection plan offers security and peace of mind knowing that a major repair expense won't hit customers at a time when they really can't afford it," Siciliano said.

Allstate Protection plans go above and beyond the manufacturer's warranty, offering more coverage, longer.

Protect your time with quick and reliable support

While electronic devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones, game controllers and headsets may be some of the most obvious items to need additional protection – particularly from accidental damage – customers may be surprised at how many other products can be covered.

Bicycles and baby gear at Target, jewelry at Costco, outdoor grills and power drills at The Home Depot, billiard tables and turntables at NFM, even holiday décor at Walmart – these are just some additional products that are eligible for an Allstate Protection Plan.

"Eligible products are identified in collaboration with our partners, but we generally cover anything that is mechanical, runs on batteries, electricity or fuel," Siciliano said. "We also cover furniture and flooring. Other categories can be specific to the partner."

Along with covering products, Allstate Protection Plans focus on fast and seamless customer service through technology and constant innovation. It's the difference between a customer waiting two weeks for a repair on their refrigerator versus two days.

And according to Siciliano, it's about building a holistic relationship with customers, not just a transactional one. The right support is key.

When customers purchase a plan that includes tech support, they have access to trained support specialists to help make their product work if they're having an issue or just need to learn how to set it up and connect it to Wi-Fi in the first place.

Through troubleshooting and tech support, items are less likely to be returned.

"Today, there's so much technology integrated into our electronics, appliances and other products, and we only have so much time and energy to learn how to use it. Tech support can help people get more connected, get more use out of what they buy, and use their purchases longer," Siciliano said.

Allstate Protection helps customers:

  • Save money. Big investment purchases like major appliances and large electronics can be costly to repair. Protection plans avoid expensive repairs that can come out of nowhere.
  • Save time. Whether it's quickly scheduling a repair for a major appliance, or a trained expert helping customers learn how to use a smart device, Allstate helps protect something even more valuable: time.
  • Worry less. When critical everyday products stop working, it's a huge disruption to life. Customers want to know someone will be there to help, fast.
  • Live sustainably. With protection plans, products may last longer and work better. This means fewer items end up in a landfill.

Allstate Protection Plans

Allstate Protection Plans expand Allstate's circle of protection beyond insurance policies so customers can make the most of the everyday products they rely on, helping to build a more connected and sustainable future.

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