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Making the leap: From Allstate internship to thriving career

Can an Allstate internship be a launching pad for a successful career? Just ask the people who know best: past Allstate interns.

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From learning new skills to solving critical problems, the Allstate internship experience continues to provide opportunities for flourishing careers.

August 11, 2023

The past influences the future.

That's why current Allstate interns sat down with Allstate employees – previous interns from 2006 to 2022 – to find out how the company's internship program shaped their careers and futures.

Kate Moase, Actuarial Analyst, Pricing Analytics and Actuarial Services

Kate Moase headshot.

Actuarial Intern, 2022
As an intern, Moase stepped outside her comfort zone to accept that she was still learning.

What was it like going from an intern to a full-time employee? How did Allstate and your mentors help, and do you feel that time prepared you for the role you have now?

Moase: I was pretty lucky. My transition was extremely smooth. One day I was working part time and then the next Monday I just started working longer hours. I continued to do the same work. I felt very lucky that my full-time manager was the same when I was interning. Using familiar tools I used as an intern and going through the trainings again really helped me narrow down what was important and helped me put together the details that I was missing the first time around.

What challenges did you face when you first began as an intern?

Moase: I think my biggest challenge was getting comfortable with the fact that I didn't know a lot and really being able to feel confident as an intern while also recognizing that I'm still learning. The material can be complicated, and I had to learn to be more forgiving of myself. It is hard to simultaneously be learning and also trying to show what you know.

If you could give a future intern one piece of advice, what would it be?

Moase: Don't be shy or hold back. Just take the opportunity to ask questions. Be the person who schedules meetings or groups, offer to send feedback. Any time that you can get your name out there, it reflects well on you.

Daniel Hernandez, Analyst, Enterprise Risk and Return Management

Daniel Hernandez headshot.

Financial Analyst Intern, 2022
For Hernandez, the highlight of his internship was navigating challenging projects. It taught him how to solve problems – and communicate – better.

What was your favorite project as an Allstate intern?

Hernandez: There was an agent performance education program that presented a lot of challenges, which is why I loved it so much. We had to analyze whether the program was actually increasing their performance. Were agents getting more quotes? Was it efficient? Did they need to take it? In doing this, we realized the program needed to be revamped.

What was the biggest challenge during your internship and how did you overcome that?

Hernandez: Many projects presented challenges. One colleague was a real inspiration during the internship. He was my Allstate buddy and he really challenged me a lot from week one. A lot was expected of me and he helped me to communicate with him to overcome challenges, and I credit a lot of what I did in my internship to him.

What was it like transitioning from an intern to a full-time employee?

Hernandez: It was a little daunting at first. When I was an intern, I was given separate projects and I performed those, but those were just snippets of what really goes on – so I got a peek behind the curtain. But now, I get to see a lot of what goes on. I'm excited for my role and want to learn more.

Meghan Sporleder, Director of Transformation and Customer Experience Communications, Marketing, Innovation & Corporate Brand

Meghan Sporleder headshot.

Corporate Relations Intern, 2006 and 2007
Despite feeling out of her league interning for a large corporation, Sporleder learned the ins and outs of the business quickly, which prepared her for future roles.

Describe your favorite project or experience being an Allstate intern.

Sporleder: I wrote stories for internal communications as an intern. I remember I was interviewing officers and getting quotes for those stories and enterprise communications. It gave me an understanding of the business very broadly. I learned how to navigate the organization, which really helped me in future roles at the company.

Are there any risks you wish you would have taken as an intern that may have been beneficial to your growth?

Sporleder: I think just having an internship in a large corporation without a business background felt like a risk to me. I was worried I was out of my league or that I wouldn't belong. Just being there and putting myself out there to succeed or fail. As an intern, you're taking a risk without even realizing it in terms of the work you put forward. I realize so much more now that the beauty of interns is they help us think differently and push the envelope.

If you could give a future intern one piece of advice, what would it be?

Sporleder: First, I would say ask a lot of questions, there are no bad questions! Second, put themselves out there and build relationships. And third, don't be bashful about what you're passionate about or interested in or where you want your career to take you. People can only help you so much if they don't know what you want.

Natalie Merlo, Strategic Operations Associate Manager, APL Sales and Distribution

Natalie Merlo headshot.

Corporate Relations Intern, 2017
From intern to employee, Merlo stayed with Allstate for the exciting work, great teammates and career opportunities.

What was it like transitioning from being an intern to an employee and how did Allstate and your mentors help you?

Merlo: It was pretty seamless. The culture doesn't really change when you're an intern versus when you're a full-time employee, which is what I loved about Allstate. They really allow interns to dig into exciting work and feel like we are a part of the team. So when I joined full time, I still had great bosses, exciting work to do, and great teammates that I could work with or call upon.

What have you brought to Allstate that they didn't have before and what have they provided for you?

Merlo: When I first came to Allstate, I loved learning about it. I would dig into old recordings on the website and look at what we worked on the previous year. I just had a lot of curiosity, not that Allstate didn't have that before, but I was just trying to find anything I could to better understand the company.

As for what Allstate has provided: It's a wonderful place to start a career. A big company seems like it could swallow you up, but I feel like at Allstate people really look out for those new faces and understand that starting a career can be a scary thing. There's a lot of people looking out for you and willing to help you along the way.

How do you think Allstate promotes a good work-life balance?

Merlo: In my experience there is definitely not an expectation that you need to be in a meeting every hour of your workday. Networking with peers, taking a midday walk, setting aside time for personal development are all encouraged. Allstate also offers ways to expand your well-being, which is all part of being a well-rounded employee. Opportunities exist if you're willing to go look for them and just have open communication with your boss. I've had excellent bosses, so work-life balance has been great for me.

Isidora Visnjevac, Financial Analyst, 360 Finance Department

Isidora Visnjevac headshot.

Financial Analyst Intern, 2022
Visnjevac sharpened her communications skills while interning at Allstate and also learned to share new ideas and embrace mistakes.

Which skill have you developed the most and which ones have been the most beneficial to your career?

Visnjevac: I have improved my communication and professionalism skills. As a student, you are not really taught these skills. From my internship, I learned how to reach out to people, organize, coordinate different meetings, and understand who to report to if there is ever an issue while remaining professional. Allstate offers different courses you can take through LinkedIn, so I've taken advantage of those, and on Degreed as well, which is also a learning platform interns can take through Allstate.

Are there any risks you wish you would have taken as an intern that may have been beneficial to your growth?

Visnjevac: Speak up to leaders if you have questions and would like to set up time to meet with them and learn more. Also, speaking up in different meetings; it was uncomfortable to speak up because I felt like I was just an intern, and I did not have the right to share my opinion. Everyone here is welcoming and nice. That is also within Allstate's culture, everyone is super nice and offers room for voices to be heard.

What life-changing lessons did you pick up from the people who helped guide you?

Visnjevac: I think in life and work, you are going to make mistakes along the way, and you shouldn't dwell on them or give yourself a tough time. Learn from them and look at them with a different set of eyes. I know there were a few times where I messed something up during my internship or at school. I also played volleyball in college, and what I have learned from my coaches and mentors is that it is OK to embrace your mistakes and look at it as a good thing to move on from and grow. That mindset is what will help you push forward.

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