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Our people

Global Code of Business Conduct

Our people make us a different kind of company

At Allstate, we dare to be bold. It's only through our collective power that we achieve greatness as a company — through daily acts of integrity that protect and empower our customers. It all starts with us.

With Our Shared Purpose, we come together every day with our best ideas, diverse talents and empathetic approach. We do this to inspire and support each other. We do it to bring original ideas and challenge each other to make them better. This isn't just about working together — it's about thriving together. It's why we live Our Shared Purpose each and every day. See how Allstate is prioritizing inclusive diversity and equity in our Environmental, Social and Governance Report at

Valuing inclusive diversity and equity

We succeed together when we value unique identities and perspectives.

We provide equitable opportunity when we hold each other accountable to encourage and embrace our collective differences. Our individual characteristics, values and beliefs, as well as our backgrounds and experiences, give us fresh perspective and purpose. We work harder, meet customer needs more effectively, share better and identify more innovative ideas when we are accepted for who we are. Our success comes from a chorus of many different voices. At Allstate, every voice counts.

Promoting equal opportunity

We evaluate based on performance, and we reward achievement. We never discriminate.

When we hire and promote based on successful performance, we not only honor Our Values but also ensure that our Company and our customers get the very best. Discrimination of any kind is wrong. Our commitment to equal opportunity helps us find the right person for every role.

Fostering a respectful workplace

We respect and support each other. This means being accountable for maintaining a workplace free from verbal or physical harassment, abuse and intimidation of any kind.

We serve our customers and each other best when we are empathetic and respectful. By caring about the feelings and perspectives of others, we avoid misunderstandings and create a positive work environment that empowers us to deliver superior performance. Engaging with others openly and respectfully, and speaking up about any unwelcome conduct, helps us sustain a culture built on trust.

Keeping the work environment safe and healthy

We make the safety and well-being of everyone who works with us a top priority.

As insurers, we see the impact of accidents and unsafe conditions every day. That's why we don't wait for bad things to happen; we take action to prevent them, and we help our customers do the same. Promoting safety is core to our business, and it starts in our own work environment. The care we show in looking out for each other puts us in the best position to help our customers stay healthy and safe as they pursue their dreams.

If you see or suspect anything that could undermine our commitment to inclusive diversity and equity, promoting equal opportunity, or fostering a respectful and safe workplace, follow the Speak Up Process.

Integrity insights

Integrity is at the heart of who we are. It's non-negotiable. And quite frankly, it's simple: if you see something, say something. You don't have to be the actual victim of harassment, sexual or otherwise, to make a report. Perhaps you notice a coworker who is subjected to inappropriate jokes, behavior or comments by a manager or teammate. By reporting the behavior, you may prevent future harassment or a serious incident from occurring. When our empathy drives our actions, we care for and protect each other.

Respecting the intellectual property of others

We respect intellectual property, whether it belongs to us or someone else.

We are bold with original ideas, so we understand innovation and the effort required to create intellectual property. We respect the intellectual property of others when we obtain authorization and licensing agreements before using known intellectual property. We respect intellectual property that belongs to us when we use it only while employed at Allstate and protect confidential and restricted information.

When intellectual property is stolen, misused or mishandled, it clearly contradicts Our Value of Integrity. We hold ourselves and each other accountable for ensuring the proper use of intellectual property.

For questions regarding intellectual property, please contact

Intellectual property

Intellectual property, or IP, takes many forms. Some examples include:

  • Patents.
  • Copyrights.
  • Trademarks.
  • Trade secrets.

Using social media responsibly

We use social media with care, exercising the right to free expression while protecting the Company's reputation.

Social media enhances our ability to have honest, meaningful exchanges with our customers and other stakeholders. This puts the power to communicate instantly with millions of people in our hands, and we must use that responsibility with great care. By holding ourselves to the same standards of integrity and accountability online as in the workplace, we do the right thing for our customers, our stakeholders, our communities and our Company.

Using social media responsibly means we:

  • Adhere to Our Values in all business communications.
  • Comply with applicable social media policies.
  • Never create the impression that our personal opinions are those of the Allstate family of companies. This includes using Company logos to post personal opinions or your Company email address to create accounts.
  • Are transparent about our role with the Allstate family of companies.
  • Do not disclose proprietary or confidential information, whether it belongs to our Company or to others.
  • Ensure time spent on social media does not interfere with our work.

We understand and respect your right to express political opinions on social media. We ask that you follow the social media policy for your company and the Conflict of Interest Policy when participating in the political process.

Whether you're acting as an employee or an individual, always think before you post. If you're concerned about whether something might cross the line, additional information may be found under Resources.

Integrity insights

Social media platforms or open forums include but are not limited to:

  • Well-known sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • Mobile apps like Snapchat and TikTok.
  • Forums and discussion boards like Reddit.
  • Video-sharing sites like YouTube.
  • Corporate or personal blogging sites.
  • Comment sections in online articles.
  • Collaborative publishing sites like Wikipedia or Google Docs.
ECC Monitor: OK