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Speak Up Process

Global Code of Business Conduct

Speaking up, seeking help and resolving concerns

We can rely on our integrity to guide us, but when we are not sure how to proceed, we also have a duty to step forward, ask questions and seek help. And if we believe a violation of our policies, our Code or the law has happened or may be about to happen, we are obligated to report it.

To seek help, report violations and resolve concerns, you can follow the Speak Up Process by:

  • Contacting any manager.
  • Contacting Human Resources.
  • Emailing your affiliate Compliance mailbox (if applicable).
  • Using the additional local reporting options as listed in the Speak Up Process.

Often it is best to start with your manager when raising a concern, but sometimes this may not be feasible. The most important thing is that you lead the way, speak up and seek help when something doesn't feel right.

Speak Up Process

The Speak Up Process is an important resource for providing fair, prompt and safe resolutions of concerns. It should be used to report legal, ethical, regulatory or compliance concerns regarding employees, agents, vendors, clients and customers of the Allstate family of companies. You can follow the Speak Up Process 24/7 in the following ways:

Employees are encouraged to identify themselves but may remain anonymous during this process.

How reports are handled

We do not tolerate retaliation against anyone who raises a concern, makes a report or cooperates in an investigation.

The Company will always strive to address concerns fairly and discreetly. We are committed to thoroughly investigating all reports of violations. Employees with concerns are strongly encouraged to identify themselves when seeking assistance. This is the best way to ensure that a thorough and complete investigation can be made, and that an effective and lasting resolution can be reached.

However, we recognize that in some cases people may prefer to remain anonymous when raising concerns. Anonymous reports can be made through the Speak Up Process. An investigation will be conducted using the facts provided, while working to maintain your anonymity as far as permitted by law. When necessary, the Company may also consult with you confidentially if anonymity would hinder the investigation or resolution of the issue.

Reports about a possible violation of the law or any questions about accounting, auditing, disclosure or other financial or reporting practices will be referred to the General Counsel or their designee for investigation. The General Counsel or their designee may refer these matters to the Audit Committee.

Fair process and disciplinary action

When possible and where required, all parties involved in an investigation will get a fair chance to explain circumstances and present their side of the story. We make efforts to complete the process promptly, while still taking whatever time is needed to conduct a proper and thorough investigation.

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