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California Financial Incentive Notice

Drivewise is a program that gives drivers the opportunity to earn points for safe driving. These points can be redeemed through Allstate Rewards for discounts on merchandise, daily deals, sweepstakes and auctions. Points can also be earned by redeeming Allstate Rewards promotion codes presented to participants in the app and through email. To sign up for Allstate Rewards, participants download the Allstate mobile app, enable Drivewise, and enroll in Allstate Rewards. See Allstate Rewards for more details, terms, and conditions.

As described in the terms of service for Drivewise, when participants enable Drivewise, they agree to allow Arity, the telematics provider for and a corporate affiliate of Allstate Insurance Company ("Allstate"), to (i) collect location and other driving behavior information via the mobile app and (ii) share the driving behavior information with Allstate to facilitate participation in Drivewise and Allstate Rewards. Arity and Allstate use the driving behavior information to provide insights and suggestions about driving behavior.

Under California law, Allstate Rewards program points may be considered a financial incentive provided in exchange for the collection and retention of personal information. While we do not assign a monetary value to the data that we collect, based on our reasonable estimate, the value received from the driving insights and the Allstate Rewards program is reasonably equal to or greater than the value Allstate and Arity receive from the use of driving behavior information. Allstate and Arity use the driving behavior information to better understand driving risk and transportation trends and help make drivers and roads safer. Allstate and Arity also use the driving behavior information to improve their products, services and customer experiences.

Drivewise and Allstate Rewards are optional programs that participants can withdraw from at any time. To stop participating in Drivewise, participants can turn off their permissions within the app or can delete the app. Participants can stop participating in Allstate Rewards by unenrolling on the Allstate Rewards site. Participants may continue to use their Allstate Reward points after they withdraw from Drivewise. Likewise, participants can continue to use Drivewise without participating in Allstate Rewards.

To see more detail about Allstate's privacy practices, go to Allstate Privacy Statement.

To see more detail about Arity's privacy practices, go to Arity Privacy Statement.

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