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Employee Impact Groups

A culture of collaboration

Our Employee Impact Groups (EIGs) drive positive, collective change for a more equitable and inclusive future for all of us.

Employee Impact Groups

Coming together to foster inclusivity

We're working and thinking differently to give our employees, customers and communities a better experience. Inclusive Diversity & Equity is a core value in Our Shared Purpose. We are stronger because of our differences, and our ideas are more vibrant when everyone feels safe, respected and heard.

What are

Allstate's Employee Impact Groups are voluntary, employee-led groups that align with our overall IDE strategy and are under the leadership of the Inclusive Diversity & Equity team.

EIGs benefits include

  • Career development and increased engagement of employees who are part of traditionally underrepresented or marginalized communities, including allies.
  • Employee collaboration to embrace collective differences and shared experiences.
  • Community involvement that empowers diverse individuals to come together to create innovative ideas that can meet the needs of our customers more effectively.

Allstate's EIGs are aligned with the four pillars of Inclusive Diversity & Equity.

Business practices: We integrate inclusion, diversity and equity into our core policies, processes, and decision-making.

Culture: We create an inclusive culture and advance equity.

People: We build a diverse staff through recruitment, retention, and development.

Community: We address our positive and negative impacts on Inclusive Diversity & Equity in our wider communities and on our various stakeholders, leading the way to advance IDE.


Allstate Asian American Network (3AN)

3AN serves its members through activities that foster community, cultivate an inclusive culture, build leaders of tomorrow and generate successful business outcomes for Allstate's growth.

African American Working Network (AAWN)

AAWN champions development opportunities for its members through projects, programs and professional associations. The group represents the African American perspective and takes steps to drive Allstate's business objectives and inclusive diversity commitments.

Abilities Beyond Limitations and Expectations (ABLE)

ABLE advances Inclusive Diversity & Equity's objectives by educating and engaging the Allstate community on the positive impacts of employees with disabilities, their caregivers and allies. This support fosters an inclusive career development culture, which helps Allstate's business, employees and customers.

Allstate Veterans Engagement Team and Supporters (AVETS)

AVETS supports and advocates for the needs of veterans, their families and extended community through professional development opportunities, attracting veteran talent, expanding veteran-oriented suppliers and increasing community outreach.

Women's Impact Network (WIN)

WIN is dedicated to fostering innovation, influence and inspiration for women to drive personal growth and business performance – this includes positioning strong female leaders within the workplace, marketplace and our communities.

Families at Allstate Matter (FAM)

It takes a village to raise the future, meet the demands of a working parent and be a successful, engaged employee. FAM celebrates, empowers and supports all families – biological, foster/adoption, surrogate, donor, single parent, multigenerational, stepparent – and all parenting phases, from the new parent to the empty nester. Through education, communication and resources, FAM helps employees be successful without compromising family life or professional commitment.

Native American Peoples at Allstate

Native American Peoples at Allstate (NATIVE) provides an inclusive and diverse environment by helping members with career development, celebrating and bringing awareness of Native American cultures, and doing good work both inside and outside Allstate. It seeks out, includes, accommodates, and develops talent from Native American communities.

Professional Latino Allstate Network (PLAN)

The Professional Latino Allstate Network helps attract, develop and retain talent that is either Latinx or looking to engage with Latinx employees to foster a diverse and inclusive workforce to position Allstate for the future.

Allstate PRIDE

Allstate PRIDE provides an inclusive workplace for LGBTQ+ individuals by elevating their voices, prioritizing their professional development, connecting with the community both internally and externally, and positively impacting business initiatives.

Bring your whole self to work

Here at Allstate, we challenge the status quo, champion inclusion and strengthen our communities. Your opportunity to do good work that influences real change – in the workplace, and in life – begins here.

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