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Our Shared Purpose

Global Code of Business Conduct

At Allstate, Our Shared Purpose is meant to unite us in heart and mind, in word and deed, by signifying what the Company stands for and how we're here for each other. We empower customers with protection. We improve communities. We provide opportunity for our teams. And we create economic value for our shareholders.

Throughout the family of companies, we leverage the unique identities of our customers and each other to build the Allstate of tomorrow, today.

What makes Allstate unique is how we take our longtime motto In Good Hands to heart. Our Values define who we are, and Our Behaviors embody how we work. We call this foundation Our Shared Purpose.

Our Code illustrates what it means to live into Our Shared Purpose with every decision we make. When we live into the ideals of our Code, we continue earning the trust of our customers, communities and each other.

As the Good Hands

We empower customers with protection to help them achieve their hopes and dreams.

We provide affordable, simple and connected protection solutions.

We create opportunity for our team, economic value for our shareholders and improve communities.

Our values

Our Values define what it means to be part of the Allstate family of companies.

  • Integrity is non-negotiable.
  • Inclusive Diversity & Equity values and leverages unique identities with equitable opportunity and rewards.
  • Collective Success is achieved through empathy and prioritizing enterprise outcomes ahead of individuals.

Our behaviors

Our Behaviors don't just define our purpose; they are the actions we bring forward to achieve our purpose.

  • Collaborate early and often to develop and implement comprehensive solutions and share learnings.
  • Challenge Ideas to leverage collective expertise, evaluate multiple alternatives and create the best path forward.
  • Provide Clarity for expected outcomes, decision authority and accountability.
  • Provide Feedback that is candid, actionable, independent of hierarchy and safe.

Responsibility and accountability

Fulfilling Our Shared Purpose means holding ourselves and each other accountable to the Code. Accountability is often confused with responsibility, but in fact, it's more. Responsibility is something given to you, and accountability is something you must take upon yourself. It's about integrity, results and ownership. By being accountable to our Code, we honor Our Values and the people we serve.

We expect all employees to understand and comply with the Code and all requirements of foreign and domestic laws, rules, regulations and Company policies that apply to our jobs. This protects the customers who depend on us and the shareholders who have invested in us. That means we each have an obligation to ask questions, raise concerns and report violations regarding the Code.

We are committed to fostering an environment that empowers us to lead from every seat and raise concerns without the threat of retaliation. If you see something, you must do the right thing and say something even if the situation is outside of your immediate team. Anyone who violates Our Values, policies or Code through illegal or unethical behavior may face disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

In addition, we're all expected to:

  • Act with integrity in a manner that protects the Company's reputation.
  • Respect our coworkers, customers, business partners and communities.
  • Ask questions and seek help if we are unsure how to proceed and nurture an environment that encourages everyone to come forward with concerns.
  • Promptly report all known or suspected violations of the law, the Code or Company policies.
  • Cooperate with all Company investigations.
  • Never intimidate or retaliate against anyone who reports a concern or cooperates with an investigation.
  • Promptly disclose any unpardoned felony, criminal offense or other serious conviction of ourselves or a coworker to Human Resources.

Special responsibilities of managers

People leaders have a special responsibility to proactively promote the ethical, inclusive and purpose-driven culture with their teams. If we lead or supervise others, we should:

  • Provide personal leadership that demonstrates the highest quality and ethical standards every day by building a psychologically safe working environment where team members feel comfortable speaking up.
  • Be aware of laws, rules, regulations, policies, procedures and processes that relate to our responsibilities, and ensure that team members have the knowledge, resources and training needed to follow the law and our Code.
  • Identify and mitigate ethics, compliance and policy risks.
  • Listen respectfully and respond in an appropriate and timely way to employees who seek advice or raise concerns.
  • Address or escalate violations immediately and stand firm against any form of intimidation or retaliation.

Digital ethics and ethical decision-making

Allstate's digital ethics framework builds on Allstate's Values and Behaviors by providing guidance on how to evaluate ethical concerns and address ethical issues at any point in the data lifecycle. This means that just because something is legal, we also need to decide if it is the right thing to do.

The digital ethics framework also works to help eliminate inadvertent biases, as well as unintended consequences and potential harm to people from the collection, use or sharing of data.

Additional information may be found under Resources.

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