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Inclusive Diversity & Equity

Expanding equity through business diversity

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Senior Vice President of Sourcing and Procurement Solutions Cheryl Harris speaking at a Business Diversity Summit, 2019.

Inclusive Diversity & Equity

Comic artist helps tell LGBTQ+ stories

Allstater Christine Suggs created 'Portraits of Pride' series

Christine is my silent warrior. They work tirelessly behind the scenes and have used our Employee Resource Group to find their voice within the community.

Shamaill Ross headshot. Shamaill Ross,
President, Allstate PRIDE
Employee Resource Group

Comic 'Hi! I'm non-binary' illustrated by Allstater Christine Suggs.
Screen grab from a video showing a breakability test.


Allstate Protection Plans' Breakability campaign: Bots break phones so you don't have to

New smartphones are subjected to drop, dunk, bend and tumble tests


The Breakability campaign has always been about helping consumers make informed decisions. That's why the tests performed mimic the actual ways people break their phones.

Jason Siciliano headshot. Jason Siciliano,
Vice President/Creative Director, Allstate Protection Plans


You're in good hands®: The story behind Allstate's logo and slogan



We protect customers, develop talent and evolve the business, supported by our financial strength.

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