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Why community service for youth?

42 million youth are ready to be changemakers, but less than 28% of 18- to 25-year-olds volunteered in 2021. Imagine the positive impact they could have on communities, and themselves, if they had the right opportunities.

Service is associated with a variety of benefits from workforce readiness and education to health and community well-being.

Putting opportunity into practice

The Allstate Foundation uses its expertise, resources and platform to help a new generation of motivated youth and young adult changemakers who are driven to impact their communities, and the world.

We do this through 3 approaches:

  • Engage. We work with partners to create programs that enable youth to serve so they can create real-world impact in communities across the country.
  • Equip. We develop and share resources with our partners that help youth learn what it takes to lead service in their communities. The result? Youth are ready to make a difference on issues they care about.
  • Prepare. When young people have a support system, they're motivated to serve. That's why we also equip adults with resources that help them encourage youth to serve.
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Inspiring a culture of change

The Allstate Foundation helps individuals and communities thrive.

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