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Board of Directors > Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson headshot.

Tom Wilson

CEO of Allstate since 2007
Board Chair, President, and Chief Executive Officer

Committee Assignments and Rationale

Executive Committee (Chair)

  • Comprehensive knowledge of Allstate's business and industry, with 28 years of leadership experience at the company.
  • Significant governance experience through active dialogue with shareholders and corporate governance experts.

Professional Experience

  • Current CEO (since January 2007) and Chair of Board (since May 2008).
  • President from June 2005 to January 2015 and from February 23, 2018, to present.
  • Held other senior executive roles and led all major operating units.
  • Former director at State Street Corporation.

Key Experience and Qualifications

Financial Services: Extensive experience gained while spending entire career within the financial services industry, including 28 years with Allstate.

Risk Management: Created and implemented Allstate's risk and return optimization program, which allowed Allstate to withstand the financial market crisis and currently helps the company mitigate risks due to increased severe weather.

Accounting and Finance: Deep understanding of strategic, financial and operational planning and analysis gained over tenure serving in leadership roles at Allstate.

Technology and/or Cybersecurity: Led investments in innovative products and services at Allstate, including telematics, digital protection solutions and customer-centric innovations.

Global Perspective: Comprehensive understanding gained while leading a Fortune 100 company with global operations and over 20% of employees outside of the U.S.

Complex, Highly Regulated Businesses: Valuable insights gained while serving in the highly regulated insurance industry.

Sustainability: During tenure at Allstate, enhanced sustainability initiatives, including setting net-zero emissions targets and reducing emissions footprint.

Succession Planning and Human Capital Management: Public advocate for business playing a broad role in society through initiatives such as providing living wages and improving diversity and equity.

Innovation and Customer Focus: Shaped and executed initiatives to fulfill Allstate's role with, and responsibilities to, its customers and other key stakeholders including creating and leading its Transformative Growth strategy to build a digital insurance business model.

Government, Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs: Deep understanding of legal and regulatory requirements relevant for large, public companies developed while having responsibility for ensuring compliance by Allstate.

Other Public Board Service

  • None
ECC Monitor: OK