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'This is where I belong'

Flexible work and military support give Caroline Bundra a home at Allstate.

Left image: Caroline Bundra, her two children, and her husband in uniform smiling in a group photo. Right image: Military coins on a wooden table.

Left: U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Anthony Bundra in uniform with his wife Caroline Bundra and their two children. Right: A collection of military coins the Bundras have received.

May 24, 2024

Caroline Bundra's husband serves in the U.S. Army, which means frequent moves around the country. It's why she had to leave her job at Allstate in 2019, before remote work became the norm.

When she got the chance to return to Allstate in 2021, thanks to the flexible work options, Bundra jumped at it.

During both her stints, Bundra found community with AVETS: Allstate Veterans Engagement Team and Supporters. It's one of nine employee impact groups at the company.

Bundra first got involved with AVETS at her local Pennsylvania office, where she took a part-time assignment helping Allstate's recruiting office find new hires in the military. Earlier this year, she was named vice chair of communications for AVETS — where she spends 25% of her work time.

Read on for more on Bundra's return to Allstate, how she supports military employees, and how her leaders support her involvement.

Q: How has your experience as a military spouse helped you connect with other Allstaters or potential Allstaters?

A: If you're moving so often, and someone sees your resume and there are a lot of jumps on there and moves from state to state, it can be difficult. Being able to do the [recruiting assignment] and call those people and set up those interviews, it felt good.

Even now, getting on a meeting and connecting with others through the EIG, it feels great. I'm so excited that I'm not the only one at Allstate who has had to have this experience that I've lived. It feels to me like I am in a place that appreciates the fact that I am a military spouse and that they're willing to work with me to make sure that I have what I need. I know I'm supported.

Q: Why was it so difficult to leave Allstate after your husband was transferred out of state?

A: I always wanted to have my own career. What my husband does is amazing. But I wanted to be in a position where I could make an impact, and I was able to do that with Allstate. I was able to work my way up and gain so much knowledge in different departments to help my career and grow my skill set.

When I left, I tried to do something that wasn't even insurance related at all. And I was so far out of my comfort zone. Coming back to Allstate, it was like, Yes. This is where I belong. This is my home. I love it.

Q: How did you end up back at Allstate?

A: When we got orders in 2019 that we were going to be moving to Colorado, I really wanted to make it work. But [the closest office] was at least an hour-and-a-half one way, and we had two small children. We just couldn't make it work staying with Allstate.

Right after COVID, my old Claims service leader reached out. He said they were hiring and asked if I'd like an opportunity to interview. I said, 'Yeah, absolutely.'

Since then, I've gone through another move to Tennessee, and I was able to stay this time with Allstate because of the work-from-home environment, which has just been so wonderful.

Q: How did you get involved again with AVETS?

A: As soon as I came back, AVETS was the first EIG I went to. They were looking for help, and I emailed directly and said, 'I would love to help out.'

I've been lucky that my leadership team supports me in my role with AVETS. I've been proactive in discussing my desire to be a part of this community, and they understand that this is near and dear to my heart.

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